Lift Your Productivity Not your Workload.
Staying connected and stretching your resources to build your organization are a daily challenge.
VTechNow delivers innovative, affordable and seamless virtual technology to meet these demands.
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VTechNow saves you money in:

•    Planning and staff meetings
•    Training
•    Events
•    Customer Outreach
•    Real time distance interviewing


If you have been invited to a live meeting, click here to enter the meeting room.

We also plan customer outreach plan for client business because in this way businesses become able to concentrate on their core competencies rather than to involve in too many things. Recent studies have also described the benefits of such kind of out sourcing as well. Our clients or target market vary from country to country like in USA e-retailing and marketing companies are our target market but in other countries these are real estate listing companies like west vancouver realtor as well. 

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